Spring is in the Air… with Abahna Eau de Parfum.


Perfume…aah. Perfumes have been around since earliest civilisations and there is nothing quite so evocative of memories and places than scent. So, what better place to start being naturally gorgeous than with one of life’s greatest pleasures?

The problem of course, with natural fragrance, is one of staying power. Unless, that is, you are still slathering on the patchouli oil of your long lost youth (or was that just me?!).

I’ve tried a fair few natural fragrances and aim to bring you some of the most delicious (though that will, of course, always be subjective) with a particular watch on staying power. And I’m kicking off with a zingy feelgood number from British luxury brand, Abahna. Founded and run by Ed and Claire Croft, Abahna is a family run business and together the couple are passionate about sourcing natural ingredients and creating products that enhance your mood.

Desperate to try their gorgeous sounding products, I ordered the Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot Eau de Parfum 10ml spray, £15. Very pretty packaging, lovely atomiser… and wow, a heady Italian burst of spring! Instead of the light citrussy fragrance I was expecting, I got a full on top note mandarin peel hit, followed by the tangy bergamot. The scent stays strong and vibrant for a good while and then softens to a lovely warm, though subtle basenote which I can still detect after a few hours. Ideally I would re-spritz several times a day and I can see this being a summer favourite. Great value, too – the 50ml spray is £30, with a 50ml refill available for only £15.



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