Smooth operator – Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Shave Gel


The daily ritual of shaving – or chore, as most men probably think of it –  is always more pleasurable when helped along by a product that delivers skin softening benefits and aids a good cut. My resident male tester has tried products too many to mention, but is almost rapturous about this one.

Dr Bronner’s Magic Organic Spearmint Peppermint Shaving Gel is one of five shaving gels from Dr Bronner’s US certified organic range, which claim to give incredibly smooth moisturising glide and superior hair lift and wetting.

Others tried have been variously ‘too greasy’ ‘too thin’ ‘drying’ ‘smell vile’… you get the picture. So, I’m delighted to report that said tester finds this to be incredibly long lasting – a little really does go a long way; deliciously scented, moisturising, and enables a beautifully close shave. Baby’s bum and all that. And being an organic farmer, he’s all the more pleased that he’s found a product that suits his ethical stance too.

Available from Love Lula for £7.29

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