PG Organics. Time to embrace a truly original, totally natural perfume…


Perfume is a particular passion of mine – and one which has been difficult to indulge without succumbing to the myriad chemicals contained in most fragrances on the market. Spray a burst of your fave fragrance and you will most likely be breathing in a cloud of toxins including many hormone-disrupting chemicals, carcinogens and allergens, as well as synthetic fragrances.

So, it’s great news to find a number of new natural brands emerging which are not only safe but also bring back the joy of real scent.

Patricia Gallagher of PG Organics launched Embrace in 2011 to rave reviews and I have now joined the fan club. Made the traditional way, in small batches using only natural ingredients, it took Patricia over three years to perfect her first luxury perfume.

First off, Embrace is different from most other natural fragrances I’ve tried as it really counts as a full-on sexy and sultry scent; and one with real lasting power. Secondly, it is a scent that truly works with your skin and body chemistry to create a fragrance that’s unique to you.

Described as a ‘chypre with oriental influence underlined by subtle spices. Exotic amber and musk notes envelope and protect the delicate floral notes of neroli, mimosa, rose, ylang ylang and iris.’, Embrace is a scent for sultry summer nights, playful parties and passionate encounters. I probably wouldn’t spritz this on for a day at the office or a summer picnic but will treasure it for those moments when people get up close and tell you how delicious you smell.

Priced £58 for 30ml, you can buy Embrace here. It will also be available soon on The Natural Perfume Company’s website – more of which soon.

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