Oy!.. Spot On for Teen Skin


Until recently, there were not many natural alternatives around to address the troublesome issue of teenage spots. Teen skin has been somewhat overlooked but more products are appearing – and whilst teenagers need to keep their skincare routine simple (just keep skin clean and lightly moisturised – no rich night creams!), there is a need for products that address breakouts. My teenage son has been using the Neals Yard Remedies Palmarosa range; more of which later…

Meanwhile, 14 year old Hermione has been using the Oy! Cover and Clear treatment/concealer from Green People and has reviewed it especially for Naturally Gorgeous…

I have been using the product ‘Oy! Cover & Clear’ concealer since I received it for Christmas as I have “teenage skin” – small but prolific spots around my forehead and nose. I find that the concealer is very easy to use – just use a tiny amount on your finger for one or two spots, or a pea sized amount for concealing the whole T-zone. The concealer covers up my bad skin well, and it is also small and easy to carry around – I take it to school every day :) It is completely organic*, not tested on animals and is suitable for use for boys & girls. Also, if mixed with a drop of ‘Oy! Cleanse & Moisturise’ it can be used as a full-face foundation for face and neck.
Overall, if I had to rate this product I would say around an 8/10.

* 89.24% certified organic ingredients (Ed.)

While we’re on the subject, another fantastic treatment for spots and acne is lemon myrtle oil, which I’ll also be covering in more detail soon.

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