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In a world now nearly brimming over with lovely natural beauty products, it’s always worth remembering that ultimate beauty comes from within. Whilst it goes without saying that a healthy diet and lifestyle coupled with a good skincare regime will make the best of your assets, we should not forget the part that supplements can play, especially the super antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, thereby helping repair and prevent damage to cells and can be hugely beneficial – especially for skin damaged by sun, stress or smoking.

I have been a big fan of Better You’s Femergy Original for some time, so was delighted to try their new antioxidant supplement, Femergy, Skin, Hair & Nails. Each natural ingredient has been carefully selected for its effective antioxidant properties. Organic acerola cherries, organic pine bark extract, natural vitamins E and A and selenium provide nature’s most potent antioxidants . All form an antioxidant dream team list of powerful, protecting and repairing ingredients.

Whilst it’s hard to judge results after just one month’s trial (supplements really need three months to start showing full benefits), I am happy to say that I noticed a definite improvement in ‘skin glowiness’ and hair texture. I can’t comment on nails as I have terribly weak nails so will need to continue taking these to see further benefit. But I can also add that I received several ‘you look well’ compliments towards the end of the trial and am hooked enough to make these part of my daily regime.

Femergy Skin Hair & Nails costs £11.95 for a month’s supply.

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